* A stands for AKAHAI, meaning kindness. *
* L stands for LOKAHI, meaning bring unity. *
* O stands for OLU`OLU, meaning politeness. *
* H stands for HA`AHA`A, meaning humbled. *
* A stands for AHONUI, meaning enduring. *


Respect all elders and children.
Leave places better than you find them.
Hold the door. Hold the elevator.
Plant something.
Drive with courtesy. Never drive impaired.
Attend an event of another culture.
Return your shopping cart.
Get out and enjoy nature.
Pick up litter.
Share with your neighbors.
Create smiles.
Create a list and share it.

You don't have to be a politician.
Or the president of a company.
Or a famous doctor,
To make everyone's life better.
Sometimes the smallest things make
the biggest difference.

Each of us can improve our community by our individual and collectiveactions. Each of us has that responsibility. If we act with courtesyand caring, the Hawai'i we value will be strengthened.

This list is only a starting point. Add to the list any acts whichenhance our people and our land. Have your children make their own lists. Then share the lists with family, friends and neighbors and watch the results.

The "Live Aloha" bumper sticker is a declaration of commitment. We've chosen the 'ohi'a lehua flower as our symbol. With strength of spirit the 'ohi'a lehua pushes forth from the silent volcanic landscape and grows. Favored by Hi'iaka i-ka-poli-Pele (sister of Pele), the 'ohi'a lehua takes many forms from tall trees to low shrubs, adorned with leaves of varied shapes and blossoms of varied hues. The 'ohi'a lehua's diversity, simple beauty and enduring strength mirror the diversity, simply beauty and enduring strength of Hawai'i. We acknowledge Sig Zane for contributing his 'ohi'a lehua design, and the Hawai'i Community Foundation for its sponsorship.

This design variation by Allan Ing.
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